Who were the lone survivors when the walls of Jericho came crashing down? Do you know? Answer: Rahab’s family.

How much do you know about Rahab? Her life story is one that is well worth taking a good look at. She was a prostitute in an evil city that was about to come crashing down under divine judgment.

She NEVER could have imagined that she would be delivered and still talked about all of these thousands of years later. I call it the remarkable rehab of Rahab! She put her faith in God into action by putting her life on the line to protect some of God’s spies. And, wow, consider how God recognized and rewarded her faith:

– Again, she and her family were the lone survivors from the city of Jericho.

– She married into the royal line and had a son named Boaz. She became the great, great grandmother of King David.

– James, the brother of Jesus, had some high standards for faith. And, he named her along with Abraham as the “model” example of a LIVING faith.

– And, she makes it into the Hall of Faith with the likes of Abel, Noah, Moses, Jacob and Abraham…

What does that tell you? There is so much that we can learn about the amazing grace and mercy of God poured out on one of the least deserving. Most would agree that she would be the least likely to be saved… Not many would have given her future much hope. Yet, she and her family are the lone survivors when the walls come crashing down… wow!

Join us tomorrow at 10 am as we continue our series “The First Ladies” of the Bible. They all have a lot to teach us about how God turns lives around and lifts them up as trophies of His grace!

By Faith,
Pasto Mike