Can you finish it? It has been said that “behind every great man is a greater woman”. While it may not be a universal truth, I do believe that it is a general principle. God intended it to be that way when he created a woman to complete the man. Adam needed Eve.

Can you name some of the most famous and influential First Ladies in U.S. history? Who comes to mind? Much focus and attention is placed upon the Presidents of our Country, and rightfully so. They are the Commander and Chief. But, thank God for the great First Ladies who undoubtedly lifted their husband’s effectiveness and influence to greater heights.

Throughout my years as a Pastor, I witnessed this truth in marriages, and I can speak the same from my own life. My wife makes me better and takes me higher. And, the same is true in the pages of the Bible. Great men of Faith had Faithful wives.

This week we continue our series on what John MacArthur calls 12 extraordinary women. My title for the series continues to morph. It was the Mrs. Universe of the Bible, but I have a new title for the series: “THE FIRST LADIES”. It “fits the bill”: They became the First Class – First Ladies of the Bible. They were women of extraordinary FAITH.

This is a great study that will awaken and challenge you to follow their example. It will also give you great hope as you learn of their weaknesses and struggles.

Last week we learned about the true first lady, Eve. She was the first lady in every imaginable way. This week we will learn about another first lady, Sarah. Sarah was the first lady of a NEW NATION.

Sarah’s spiritual growth and development was much like our own. It was back and forth, and up and down. Sometimes it is two steps forward and one back, or vise versa. However, she finished a royal and loyal queen.

In preparation for tomorrow’s message, here is an outline for you to contemplate:

1. Sarah Had Royal Faith

It was Backward and Forward, but she finished Forward.

2. Sarah Had Hospitable Hope.
It was Up and Down but she finished Upward.

3. Sarah Had Loyal Love
She was beautiful OUTSIDE AND INSIDE.

Join us tomorrow at 10 am as we learn together and seek to take our next step of Faith in our walk with God.

By Faith,
Pastor Mike