Hi Church!

Does the offering plate make you nervous when it is being passed? Or, do you look with anticipation at the opportunity that it presents?

When our children were young, Jennifer and I wanted them to see the “plate” as something to look for with excitement. We wanted them to always be cheerful givers, and they loved it.

We would normally make sure that they either brought their own offering, or we gave them some of ours so they had something to put in the plate. 

Children love to give, and so should we. When we give we are like God. 

As Sunday approaches, there is one question that we all should be prepared to answer: how much do we plan to give either in the plate or through our online church connection?

On Sunday we are going to learn how God wants us to give and why. If you ever wonder how much you should give, where your giving goes or have other questions about giving; Paul answers most all of them in I Corinthians 16. 

Plan to join us on Sunday for a great day of worship.

Because He Gave,
Pastor Mike

Remember that our Christmas dinner is at 5 pm. The meat and drinks are provided. Please bring a side or a dessert to share.