John Who?

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Hi Church!

How many people named John do you know? Many, I am sure. The world is filled with people named John. It is a very common name. 

How many Johns do you know that are mentioned in the Bible? That is a good challenge to take on, find all of the Johns!

And, how many “books” in the Bible are named John? Yes, John, I John, II John, III John… there is the gospel of John and 3 more letters in all. Honestly, it is hard to keep track of all the Johns!!! 

But, one John stands out a little more than the rest. There was not too much about his life that was normal. 

– He Birth was Unusual…
– His Name was Unusual…
– His Diet was Very Unusual…
– His Dress-Code was Very, Very Unusual…
– And, His Job/Work was Extremely Unusual… 

We know him as John “the baptist” or “the baptizer” because his message called for people to demonstrate their new life or “turn-around” by being baptized. Many people think that this makes him the first “baptist” in the Bible. Sort of… but there is more to being a baptist than that… and I would suggest a more Biblical nickname for John. John – the Way Maker. 

John was given a BIG MISSION in life: get people ready to meet Jesus; his 1/2 cousin and God’s son! Wow, what a mission! He was charged with the role of “preparing the way of the Lord”. That was no easy task.

Have you ever built a road? Maybe it was to your home or just a pathway to your shed or garage. Building roads and pathways can be a lot of work. There are things to clear out of the way. There is leveling to be done and straightening to be made. But that does not compare to preparing, clearing, and helping get people’s hearts/lives ready to meet the long-awaited Messiah. 

On Sunday we will be learning more about John’s important role, and how it relates to our role in helping people get ready to receive Jesus! Plan to join us at 9:30 am! 

Because He Gave,
Pastor Mike