Hi Church!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving time? I trust you did. As you may know, Jennifer and I were blessed to have our daughter Emily, her husband, Matthew, and their two boys/our two grandboys, with us for the week. It was an amazing time together that included a deep sea fishing trip, a bonfire, fish fry, kayaking, thanksgiving dinner, and some top golf time, to name a few of our adventures. Jennifer and I sure enjoyed the overload of hugs, laughs, and little kisses! We are grateful!

Along with that idea, do you know what yesterday was? Yes, it was Tuesday, right? But do you know what else it was? It was a special Tuesday, Giving Tuesday. At some point, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving was branded as a day to give to ministries and charities. It has become like the “black Friday” for many ministries. They trust that giving Tuesday attention raises awareness of their needs, and leads to support/generosity towards them.

I think Giving Tuesday is a great idea/opportunity to give sacrificially. Jennifer and I probably received a dozen solicitations for financial gifts. And while we already give generously to our church, we bought filled backpacks for some children living in difficult places in our world. We also gave a donation to Focus on the Family, because the “family” is in dire straits, and we need all “hands on deck” to preserve and restore the basic building block of society, the family. The BOTTOM LINE: MINISTRY TAKES $.

And providentially, we have come to I Corinthians 16 in our study of this fantastic letter. This passage speaks about “church collections” in more detail than many in the Bible. It gives us some sound New Testament teaching and direction as to how we should be giveing on the “first day of the week”, every week. While an idea like giving Tuesday can be an opportunity to give ABOVE our regular giving, it should not be a substitute for it. That was Paul’s concern. 

He was concerned that people were, or would postpone or procrastinate in their giving until a “need” arose. He tells them that their church giving should be a weekly habit. I encourage you to read I Corinthians 16:1-4. On Sunday we will be learning about how God wants us to give. We will learn that our giving should be planned, purposeful, and proportionate. It is going to be a great and encouraging message as we approach the Christmas season and a new year!  

Plan to join us at 9:30 am for a great day of worship!

In God’s Good Grip,
Pastor Mike