Have you ever planted a seed?  I am sure that you have.   Having grown up on a farm where we grew all of our own crops for our dairy cows, I participated in the planting of 10,000’s of seeds every year.   While planting those seeds there was GREAT anticipation of what was going to come out of the ground!  We would come back to the fields 7-10 days later looking for the sprouts of new life.  We would look down those rows with great delight!  Life had prevailed!  Seeds teach us a very important natural and spiritual truth:  life comes from death!

So, if you have ever asked, “how is God going to resurrect all of the billions and billions of dead bodies scattered all over this planet?”    That is good, because  “How” questions are great questions! The Corinthians wanted to know how they could have the faith to believe that God can and will raise ALL of the dead…
Paul –  See it in the seed!
All of life begins from the death of a seed.  Until the seed is planted and dies, there is no life.  That makes perfect sense.  And while the resurrection of the dead may seem unimaginable and unnatural,  Paul says not to see this spiritual truth illustrated by God in the seed makes you foolish!   Even a child can understand this teaching by way of the seed.
There is a lot more to be learned about our resurrected bodies from I Corinthians 15.  It is one of the most significant and enlightening passages in all of the Bible!  It gives us a view and taste of our perfect bodies and amazing future.  I can assure you that it is beyond our understanding.  As much as we glorify and magnify the flesh, there is not a body on the planet right now that compares to the spiritual body!  Our future bodies will be one of the greatest works of God.  A true “wonder of the world”.
In preparation for Sunday, I encourage you to read I Corinthians 15:35-58 and note the contrasts between your present body and your future body!  And, you will see the difference between what the first Adam provided us with versus the 2nd Adam.   Believe me, our bodies have a GREAT FUTURE!
In God’s Gracious Grip,
Pastor Mike