The Birthday Gifts

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Hi Gifted Church!
Do you like to receive gifts/presents?   Who doesn’t?  Do you remember any one particular birthday gift that you received that sort of stands out from all the rest?  Maybe you need to think about it for a minute.  If you have celebrated a few decades of birthdays, you have likely received dozens and dozens of gifts from family members and friends.  They likely include toys, games, clothes, shoes, gift cards, jewelry, meals, and many, many more things.
How old is the oldest gift that you have?  Here, your age makes a difference.   Do you still have a gift that you received say more than 25-50 years ago?  If you do, it must be of good quality and be of great value to you.   Most gifts have a short shelf life.  I have one gift that stands out to me, because I just used it.   My wife gave it to me 27 years ago.   It is my MTD garden rototiller.  I can still remember the day that we bought it.   It was used, but in like new condition.  At the time, it was a huge expense for a couple with very little money, but we believed that it was a great investment for our future vegetable gardens.   And we were right.  I have taken great care of it and over the many years it has helped prepare the soil for many successful gardens.
Did you know that when you were “born-again” into God’s family you received some birthday gifts?  You sure did!  God gave them to you the moment you believed.  They are called your “spiritual gifts”.   You are gifted.   You may not have been in the gifted group in elementary school, but you are in the gifted group in God’s church.
Listen friends, God not only gave you eternal life when he saved you; He also made an investment in you by imparting spiritual gifts to you.  You are gifted for the growth of his church.   I needed a roto-tiller to prepare the soil and grow a garden.  God planted and plans to grow his church, and you and I are the ones he has chosen to work through.  He uses the gifts he gave us to help others grow.
There is much more to be said.   The topic of spiritual gifts is a significant one for many reasons.  The church needs you to be using your gift.  Do you know what your gifts are?  Have you unwrapped your gift?   Do you know the purpose of your gifts? Are you using your gifts?
Paul addresses, in length, the topic of spiritual gifts to the church at Corinth.  They needed some sound teaching on this vital topic.   Nearly everything you need to know about spiritual gifts is found in chapters 12-14.  Plan to come and be enlightened, encouraged and challenged to know and use your gifts in God’s work.
In God’s Good Grip,
Pastor Michael
PS:   Just a reminder that the women’s Bible study meets tonight at 6:30 pm and a designated Bible study and prayer time at 7pm for others.      Starting next week my Bible study will begin:  “WAR AT THE DOOR”,  a study on spiritual warfare and the armor of God from Ephesians 6.