It is _______________ Time!!!

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Hi Church!

What time is it?  You know, RIGHT!  It is Bible time!  This week we are privileged to have a local Gideon come and share an update THIS Sunday about their work in our area.   Gideon’s are businessmen who have committed to the distribution of God’s word.   
Also, it is time for our Vacation BIBLE School!  Did you attend a VBS when you were a child?  Even if you were not a regular church goer, many of us went to a vacation Bible School. I have probably attended and served in more than 40 vacation Bible schools, and I LOVE THEM!  They are a highlight of the summer. 
When I was doing my summer internship at my home church in Springville, Pa in 1991, we had a ministry team called NEIGHBORHOOD BIBLE TIME come to our Church.  It was an exciting and very energetic program filled with great games, competition, and powerful messages.  The students loved it and were greatly impacted by it. 
And they had a really cool song that went along with their name and mission.  I can still remember driving a church member’s old giant size Oldsmobile through the streets, over the hills, and back roads picking up kids and singing that song: IT’S BIBLE TIME, IT’S BIBLE TIME, IT’S BIBLE TIME IN OUR TOWN!! THERE’S SINGING, THERE’S LAUGHING, LET’S GET THE WORD AROUND: FOLKS ARE ALL EXCITED, AND WE ARE ALL DELIGHTED. IT’S BIBLE TIME, BIBLE TIME, BIBLE TIME, BIBLE TIME, BIBLE TIME IN OUR TOWN!
Let’s STOP right here and think about what might be different in our country if we still gave the same RESPECT and PRIORITY TO THE BIBLE in our homes, schools, and other venues.  I think that we would all agree that the foundation of our country is shaky, at best.   How can we fix/repair the foundation?  Build it back on the Firm Foundation of the Bible.  And we do that by getting it into the hearts and minds of our children!  
Let’s pray that God uses the distribution of his word, the summer camps, and vacation Bible schools to ground the next generation to love, learn and live God’s word!  
–   19 students going to Word of Life camp this summer 
–    Vacation Bible school at Faith  7/11-15 
–   The Work of our Gideons in passing out God’s word.  
–     Richard Muller’s biopsy 
–    Janice Falcon, covid, healing 
–    Ewald Family, passing of Bill 
–   Graduating Seniors, next chapter in life 
Thank you for praying!
In His Gracious Grip,
Pastor Mike