Be a Fool!

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Hi Church!

Are you a fool?  Have you ever been accused of being a fool?  It is likely that it has happened to you at some time in your life.   In one very real sense, being considered a fool would be a very good thing!   It puts you in some very good and rare company.  
Jesus, for one, was considered a fool.  As he hung dying on a piece of wood, the crowd mostly mocked him.  Hence, the preaching of the cross/gospel, (his life/work) is often considered to be “foolish” to those who are perishing. 
The apostle Paul was called a fool.  Because of his selflessness and dedication to the gospel work, he was often viewed as the scum of the earth.  He worked around the clock using his hands (making tents) and his voice (teaching) to further the gospel.  Imagine that. 
Many, if not all, of Moses’ contemporaries would have considered him a fool.   As a 40 yr. old man he gave up all of the things that most people work their whole life for (big power, unlimited riches, royal/political connections) in order to lead God’s people out of bondage.    
They all made choices that the world considers foolishness.  Can you relate?   I hope so!  
This Sunday we are going to learn what it means to be a fool, in order to become wise!    There are specific choices you need to make to be a “fool” for God.    Because “the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God”!  
Join us on Sunday at 9:30 am in person or online.   
In God’s Good Grip, 
Pastor Michael Jayne 
PS  One, thank you to all who prayed for my mother.  Her surgery to remove her gallbladder went very well and she is home and recovering.  God is GOOD! 
Two,  we have 32 people attending our summer Faith Groups.  This is our 5th year offering them and the highest number in attendance so far.   God is GOOD!