A Wise Father Thinks a lot about the God’s “F” word… More Big Answers to Prayer…

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Hi Church!

What does the “f” word stand for?   Not what it should be.  Unfortunately, it is a word that 20-30 yrs ago only the most vile people uttered from their lips. Just the sound of it made most people’s muscles stiffen and eyes widened.  When spoken it made for some very uncomfortable moments, and it meant dire consequences for children/youth who used it. It was not okay to say it! 
And because Jesus said, it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks,  it may be THE MOST TELLING commentary on the current moral disintegration of our country.  That is the sad news.  Here is the good news.  There is another “F” word that should be on all of our minds, and we will be learning about it on Sunday, FAITHFUL. 
No one wants to get an “F” in life, but in God’s final judgment, the word/letter that you will want to hear/receive is an F – FAITHFUL!  
As father’s day approaches, we are going to be focusing on that critical “f” word.  By God’s providential plan we find ourselves in our study of I Corinthians at this juncture: “Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful“, (4:2).   Please read that again. 
In the prior verse Paul reminds all of us that we are two things:  servants and stewards.   Understanding that you are a servant and steward is critical in knowing how to live your life so as to get a good grade!  
This is a great message for everyone but especially every father/man needs to hear this message!    It will help you address your past, present and future. It will help you deal with your and others expectations.  It will help with your feelings of failure and judgment.   Mostly, it will help all of us prepare for the most important day when our lives are appraised by God.  I encourage you, please do not miss Sunday’s message! 
Quick Reminder:  Please send us pictures of your father and the father of your children!  Since many men’s children do not attend Faith or are too young to do this, we need you the moms/wives to send us those pics!   We look forward to putting an awesome powerpoint presentation together of all of our dads to be shown on Sunday.   
Marge Thomas came home yesterday!  This is a big answer to prayer.  Marge has been in the hospital and in nursing home/care living since January.   Please continue to pray for her to continue to regain her strength.  Once she is strong enough, she plans to move back to upstate NY to live with family.   In the meantime Marge needs some help with meals!   Can you help?  If so, please contact Jennifer Jayne at the church office. 
Generous/Faithful Financial Support!    There are 7 students at Word of Life, the Coast, for a week of camp this week.  In all we have 19 students going to the Coast this summer, all paid for by your generous giving!  Please pray for lives to be changed for eternity! 
And this past Sunday was a testimony of God’s goodness!   The offering on Sunday exceeded $9,000.  Who did that?  God did!   While some of it was for a special project, most of it was for our regular ministries.   Only God! 
Would you like to join some other men in a scheduled prayer time?   Some men are starting a meeting on Wednesday’s at 9 am at the Church.  I encourage you to come and join others in this new prayer time. 
In God’s Good Grip,
Pastor Mike 
PS:   I have attached a picture of my Father’s Bible which I preach from in honor of him every Father’s Day.  He was a faithful man/father! 
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