A Response to a Church Report…Insiders Only…

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Hi Church!

We all like good reports, right?!  We thank God for good health reports.  We appreciate good weather reports.  We love to hear reports that our loved ones are doing well.  We like to know about good economic and job reports.  The bottom line is that we love good reports.  It means that things are good!  But not every report is always going to be a good report; we know that.  
On Sunday we are going to be looking at a church report that was not good, I Cor. 5.  While it is a bad report of a man having an incestuous relationship with this stepmother, it has much to teach us.  
Paul’s response and directives to the Corinthian church provide us with understanding, wisdom, and practical guidance 2,000 years later.   And it may just give us a clue as to why the church is having so little impact on the American culture.  
This is one of those messages that you might say is for the church “insiders”.   Because too often today, it is hard to tell the “insiders” from the “outsiders”, and that is not a good report!   In preparation for this message, I encourage you to read I Corinthians 5. 
The following have requested prayer: 
Marge Thomas – home, prayer for continued health and strength 
Richard Muller – the plan/start of treatments
Chris Marine – small heart blockage that needs a stent 
Vacation Bible School –   July 9-11 
Word of Life Summer Camp –  19 students to be impacted
Mission Praises:  (The missions committee met last night, and we are very excited about some upcoming plans!  Stay tuned) 
Beth Isbell – has secured an apartment in Canada and has been granted a 3 yr. work visa! 
Bill & Kathy Brittan – just returned on Tuesday from a great and impactful trip to Liberia 
Sophia Martin – has had an amazing summer with CRU in Cambodia, she is coming home later this week. 
Fall Missions Weekend – with several guest speakers.  
Thank you for praying! 
In God’s Good Grip,
Pastor Mike