Hey Church!

Do you like m & m’s?  Yes?   If so, plain or peanut?  Or, how about both!   I just opened a little plain “fun” size bag (not sure why they call a tiny packet a fun size, wouldn’t that be a giant size bag…?)  and I was munching on them when I started to think about all of the great M & M’S happening at Faith during the month of May: 
M – Marge did it again!  After nearly 3 days asleep, due to a lack of oxygen and a build up of a lot of bad things in her bloodstream, she woke up.  It is a true miracle to me.  It appeared that her body had grown weak and was shutting down, but then she bounced back.   And did she ever!    I happened to come to the hospital just minutes after she had woken up and after about an hour or two she was raising her arms, squeezing my hand and talking about future plans like nothing had ever happened.  Amazing! Thank you for praying for her! God is not done with Marge!
M – Mother’s Day is almost upon us!   Don’t you think that our moms deserve to be shown some love?   I DO!  And we have plans to do so.  This Saturday is our annual mother/daughter banquet.  As always it is going to be really special.   
Joe and his crew of men always cook up a FABULOUS MEAL.   There will be GREAT GIVE-AWAYS, everyone will receive a gift!   And there will be a GREAT MESSAGE!   Our own Jennifer Jayne will be sharing an encouraging message.   I was thinking about her introduction AND how much fun I could have with this… (here is my tamed intro, I held back, lol!   
  • She has been married to her high school boyfriend, Michael “ace”, for ALMOST 32 YEARS!
  • She is the mother of 4 WORLD CLASS KIDS, two boys and two girls!   
  • She is the grandmother of 2 GRANDSONS WHO ARE DESTINED TO BE WORLD leaders, Bradely and Liam! 
  • AND, She has served in Church Ministry since she was 15 years old, almost 40 YEARS!
WOW!  COME, you WILL be blessed by a great meal, time with friends, a gift and a message to warm your heart! 
M – MOVING IN!   Wow! There are so many, many people moving to our area!  New houses are being built seemingly everywhere.  The mission field is moving to us.  So we have partnered with a mailer company to begin sending postcards to all new move-ins within a certain radius of our church.  Summer designed the card and it looks amazing.  We plan to do follow-up visits to those who receive the postcard.  
M – MEN’S BIBLE STUDY GROUP STARTS THE WEEK OF MAY 18TH.   They will be meeting every other Friday at various locations. 
M – Missionaries are on the MOVE!   
  • Sophia Martin is leaving soon for Columbia to serve for the summer with Cru.  
  • The Perry’s are moving their ministry to the Jewish community from Nevada to Detroit Michigan.  
  • And after many years, Beth Isbell is moving from Harrisburg, Pa to the Ontario Canada area. Please keep all of them in your prayers during these transitions.  
In His Good Grip,
Pastor Mike