Sing to Her..

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Do you know who is the oldest and most popular “Superwoman” of all time?    Her name is  Mrs. Proverbs 31   
Yes, for Millenials she has been the most preached, taught and sung about women in the Bible, especially around Mother’s Day.   You may not know this, but the proverb is a poem and Jewish men would sing it to their wives on Friday night, in appreciation for all of their hard work during the week.  Imagine that!  Men, let’s do some singing tonight!!! 
This Sunday we will be learning some things about this woman that may surprise you!   Unfortunately, after hearing sermons on Proverbs 31 many women feel more guilty and inferior.  Most women do not need to feel more guilty about what they do or don’t do. 
This message is not intended to bring more guilt on a lot of hard working and tired out moms at all.  It is about much more…  SO PLAN TO JOIN US AT 9:30 AM FOR A GREAT MOTHERS DAY AT FAITH!  
With wisdom, we take steps of Faith. 
In God’s Good Grip!
Pastor Mike