Hi Church!

Do they still do this?  When a team won the Superbowl the news reporter would ask, “now that you won the Superbowl, where are you going now?”   Do you know the scripted answer?  “We are going to Disney World!”  Yeah! 
Disney World has been considered the ultimate place to celebrate a major victory, milestone, or vacation.  People come from all over the world to experience Disney!   After their recent agenda and philosophy of life/sexuality has been made more public, I am sure Americans are having second thoughts about it.   And thankfully, there are a  lot of good places for vacation and entertainment.  
But the first ones to ask a similar question were the followers of Jesus.   They thought he was going to set up his messianic kingdom, but then He was crucified.  Their hope died, literally. That was not their plan, but that was the plan. They just did not know or understand it.  
Three days later things changed dramatically.  Jesus comes back from the dead!  THAT IS A REALLY BIG WIN!  No one ever did that before.  Surely, it is time to take the throne!  Victory is sure.  No one can kill the resurrected Jesus.  And wouldn’t you do that?!  Right?  Especially after being mocked, spit on, beaten to pulp, nailed to a piece of wood, and left to die.  But Jesus, again, surprises and disapoints them.  No.  That is not the plan.  There is a much bigger and greater plan!
Join us on Sunday as we learn about God’s plan.  It is a plan that includes you and me!  It is a global/universal saving plan. I sure am thankful for God’s plan.  It is always better and bigger than our plan.   The title of our message is, “WHAT IS NEXT”!   
In God’s Gracious Grip,
Pastor Mike 
PS:  Our first quarter business meeting will immediately follow our Sunday morning worship service.  Following that, Bill Chappell will be teaching a combined adult class.  Also, remember that ONE BLOOD is with us on Sunday.  Register now to give someone the opportunity to live by your donation.