Hi Church!

Someone recently asked me, “what is next”?   The question was asked in the context of the recent completion of our solar panel project.  What is the next project?  Good question!  Where do you want to start?  Renovate old bathrooms, transform the secretary office to a reception area, take out a wall to expand the nursery room (babies are coming), repaint the church, get a new digital church sign, put sod on the front lawn…  Okay, there is a list… lol!  
Let’s switch gears a bit to what is next after a dead man comes back to life after 3 days in the grave!  Like, WOW!   What just happened? That has never happened before.  So what is next?!  Obviously, nothing can stop him.  You can’t kill him!  He is God.  
So the “shell shocked” followers of Jesus wanted to know, what is next? They asked Jesus,”are you going to set up your kingdom now?”  That sounds like a reasonable expectation!  Is it time to get some revenge?  Is it time to take Caesar’s and every other throne from those who crucified you.  Isn’t it Time to reign and rule?!  What did Jesus say, “nope”!  That is not the plan.  It is not time yet.   And as for knowing when that time comes, no one knows and that is NOT your primary concern!  Some of you may need to read that again.  What should be our concern?  What is next?  It is a mission.  It is a mission of finding and saving lost people!  
It is time to go on a spiritual mission and take the soul-saving and life-changing message of the gospel to the world!  It is time to build – not an earthly kingdom but a spiritual kingdom, a church.  A new thing.  An assembly that is made up of people called out from every ethnic group!  Take it to every tribe and every tongue. It is a world-mission. That is the plan!  
This Sunday we are going to look at the birth of the church.   There is nothing else like Christianity.  Not even close. How did a small group, made up of 120 followers, multiply to billions of people.   We are going to learn what Jesus said is “next”!  
Join us on Sunday at 9:30 as we learn what Jesus said is NEXT!   It is going to be good, because God is good. His words are always good. 
That is just a short reminder, because the devil is always trying to convince people that God is not good.  Do not believe him! 
In God’s Good Grip, 
Pastor Michael