The Perfect Murder Plot… Or… The Perfect Salvation Plan…

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Hi Church!

Have you ever played the board game Clue?   It is the game where you have to figure out who killed who, with what and where at.  It is a great mystery game that involves a process of elimination.  Eventually someone figures out the person, the weapon and the room.  It can be a lot of fun solving a murder mystery, unless it is for real.  There is no murder as mysterious and meaningful as the death of Jesus Christ.  Not even close! 
As we continue our sermon series C.S.I., this week we will be examining the evil plot that led to Jesus being sentenced to die by crucifixion.  It appears that man got away with murder, by killing an innocent man.  A sinless man.  The tactics used against Jesus are much like those used in most evil schemes:  
  • Infiltration – buy a traitor  
  • Isolation – get Jesus alone 
  • Incrimination – get a confession 
  • Intimidation – by the powers that be 
  • Acceleration –  rush the judicial process 
  • Humiliation – strip him of his clothes and dignity. 
But NOT SO FAST!  Because, at the very same time that man is bringing to pass his evil plot, God is bringing to pass his good plan.  Read that again.  In four words:  Man’s plot. God’s plan.  
In the death of Jesus, there is a human choice and responsibility working simultaneously with a divine plan and authority.   There is SOOOO MUCH THAT WE CAN LEARN FROM WHAT JESUS SAID AND WHAT HE DID NOT SAY AT HIS TRIAL.   I look forward to sharing this with you on Sunday at 9:30 am. 
Other updates/announcements:  
  •  Please remember to bring in food items for our BIG GOOD FRIDAY FOOD DISTRIBUTION.  Again, I have attached a list of items that we are looking to collect.  If you know of someone who would be blessed by an extra box or bag of groceries, please let us know! 
  • Please sign-up for our upcoming Easter Breakfast!   It is at 8 am Easter morning.  See Wayne Martin if you have questions or would like to help.  Bill Chappell will be sharing 15 minute devotional just before we eat.  Right now there is about 50 signed up! 
  • WORD OF LIFE SUMMER CAMP –  this past week we signed up 15 students to go to camp!  Wow!  While the early registration discount of $30 has passed, it is not too late to get kid’s signed up.   We still have funds to help make it happen!  
  • Sophia Martin is raising prayer and financial support for her upcoming summer missions trip.  I have attached a copy of her letter.  At the quarterly meeting the missions committee will be recommending $1,000 of support from the church funds.   
  • IT IS CHURCH WEEK AT RURAL KING!  Yes, every Easter and Christmas this Christian owned and operated business tithes on your purchases.   Faith Baptist is registered!  If you buy items please upload the receipt or bring them to the church office and we can do it for you.  
  • NEW CHURCH DIRECTORY –  we are updating our church directory.  There are 3 hard copies on the table in the lobby.  Please check to see that we have all of your info.   And please make any changes or corrections.  We will be sending out a email to you soon that will include a link to servant keeper where you will be able to access your personal information.  If you would like a hard copy, please let us know. 
  • Safe Travels –  the Hibbard’s, Sober’s and Crusan’s have all made it back to their northern homes safely!   Prayers for all those still traveling for a safe trip!