Listen and You Will Hear it… the Biggest Back Fire of All Time…

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Hi Church!

Do you know the sound of a back-fire?  I am sure you do!   I hear more than one every day on route 54!  Some exhaust systems are designed to create them.  BANG!  By definition:   “a backfire or afterburn is combustion or an explosion produced by a running internal combustion engine that occurs in the exhaust system, rather than inside the combustion chamber”    Even if you do not know the definition or understand the cause of a backfire, you understand the figurative sense.   While the term and illustration, like all, has its limits, it fits!  Read on… 
We use the term to describe what happens when someone’s plan, plot or scheme “backfires” on them.  They take the hit/loss that they had intended for someone else.  We say,  “IT BACKFIRED”!  As we come closer to the time in which we celebrate Easter, we see how the CROSS CREATED THE GREATEST “BACKFIRE” IN HISTORY.  Read that again.  Satan is still feeling the force of that “backfire” today, Jesus’ resurrection.  BOOM!    We can still hear the sound of his final words “IT IS FINISHED” echoing through the sound waves of history.  It is an unmatched  back-fire, for real!  
As we prepare to look at Part II of our series, C.S.I.  We see the evil “combustion” forming in the chamber of history.   The arrest of Jesus is fueled by hate, envy and judgment.  All of the tactics of degenerate man and Satan are unleashed on Jesus:  infiltration, isolation, incrimination, intimidation, acceleration, and inscription.   In 9 hours all of EVIL pull off what appears to be the greatest “heist” of all time!  They appear to take Jesus out!  They think they have won!   But what they do not know is that all of what they were doing, intended for evil, would lead to the greatest good, the saving of MANY PEOPLE.  
Hopefully, this short intro has whetted your appetite for MORE!   While in college I wrote a 10 page term paper on the laws broken in the trial of Jesus.  My study opened my eyes to how justice can be perverted by those entrusted to enforce it.  But this week God has given me more understanding!  I have seen some things I never noticed before, and I can’t wait to share them with YOU!   IT IS GOING TO BE GOOD, BECAUSE GOD IS GOOD. 
In His Good Grip, 
Pastor Mike