Hi Church!

Have you ever boxed? Have you ever strapped on the “gloves”?   Maybe not, but have you ever watched boxing?  When my older brother, Alan (by 17 months)  and I were at our worst with each other, our dad came up with a solution.  Boxing gloves!  Yep, he bought us both a pair for Christmas.  I think he figured they would be better than something else that we might pick up and use against each other… like a knife, gun, pitchfork, shovel… who knows, there are a lot of things lying around on a farm! And we used a few of those things when we got “hot”.    
The first time that we put the gloves on, I was not definitely not ready.  My dad said, “go” and before I knew it, I was on my backside wondering what just hit me!  It seems my brother was more prepared to strike than I was.  But I learned from that mistake and I got a few wins!    And, over time, we both got tired of hitting each other.  Boxing is very tiring!   My dad showed some real wisdom in buying those gloves.  It may have saved our lives!  We definitely went through a season of “sparring” with each other!  We liked to fight. But we survived, and we are pretty good friends now.  
Every now and then there is a “TITLE FIGHT” in the professional boxing association.  Some championship belt is up for grabs!  And many people pay good money to tune in to watch it!  But know nothing will ever compare to the fight that was foretold by God thousands of years before it took place.  
The FRIDAY FIGHT between the “seed of the serpent” and the “seed of the woman”. Genesis 3:15  It was Satan vs. Jesus. What was at stake?  Everything!  The TITLE TO EARTH AND EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ON IT WAS ON THE LINE!   Adam lost the Title, and Jesus came to reclaim it.  It was THE FIGHT! 
On Friday we are going to revisit that Fight!  The devil brought his A game.  He threw some punches that would have knocked everybody else out.  In reality, up until Jesus, everybody had been TKOed by Satan.  But Jesus came prepared for the fight.  He knew what to expect from the devil.  He knew the kind of punches he could and would throw.  Jesus counter-punched with blows that one by one bruised the head of the serpent.  
Join us on Friday at 7pm to take in the GREATEST FIGHT OF ALL TIME!  And bring a friend.  There is a seat for everyone, and they have already been paid for! 
In His Good Grip, 
Pastor Mike