MEET OUR TWO TEACHERS…Wayne Martin & Bill Chappell… we are LOOKING FORWARD TO TWO, TWO, TWO IN 2022!

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MEET OUR TWO TEACHERS…Wayne Martin & Bill Chappell… we are LOOKING FORWARD TO TWO, TWO, TWO IN 2022!

Faith Baptist of Zephyrhills

Wed, Jan 5th, 1:38PM

Hi Church!

In preparation for our two services and classes that will be offered on Sunday, I asked our two teachers to share a short, paragraph, bio. They did an awesome job doing that!
As you will learn, they both come with a lot of life, work and ministry experiences! Please take a few minutes to read their bio and get to know them a bit!

Bill will be teaching during the 9:30 am time slot, and Wayne will be teaching during the 11 am. Pick one that fits your schedule, needs and interest best.

Wayne Martin bio:

I was born at Hawthorne California. Lived there until I was a teenager and moved to the Midwest where I met Debbie, my wife. God blessed us with two children Amy and Caleb. I now have 6 grandchildren. I served in the Air Force for 8 years before God giving me the desire to be in the ministry. I graduated from Boyce Bible College at Southern Seminary. I also have a degree from Andersonville Baptist Seminary as well as 120 hours of NANC counseling. I have spent 42 years in the ministry and am now retired.

Golf and camping were my hobbies but have not done much of either for a while.

Interesting: I have been blessed to baptize my wife, son and daughter and 4 of my grandchildren. I also got to baptize 20 people in the Jordan river at 38 degrees!

I have a study I would like to start with to draw interest. It would be a study on overcoming emotions………Dealing with problems, worry, guilt, hurt and fear. After this I could go through my studies and just continue to choose topics that will help in further growth.

Bill Chappell Biography….

The 1950’s and 60’s were the years that had the most influence on my worldview and development. The post WWII years were calm as the country learned to live without a National crisis and provided a quiet period for a young person to develop socially and scholastically. 1956 introduced this eight year old boy to the passions that a presidential election can evoke in others, quickly learning everyone was not an Ike fan and had no qualms about telling me! Daily life revolved around my Father’s independent business; first a town-based Jewelry store until I was nine years old and then a country Grocery store until my Junior year of College. The whole family was involved with the business including tasks from cleaning showcases, assisting with holiday sales, stocking shelves, check out, and delivering orders. The Customer was absolutely King and one’s well-being was directly impacted if that concept was forgotten for just a moment.

Life changed dramatically in 1965 when both of my parents attended a Bible Church with their best friends who had recently been “saved”. I was not particularly happy to learn my parents had also “accepted the Lord”. My earliest knowledge of salvation came during a Good News Club while in 6th grade and I definitely recalled saying “No!” to the strange pull that I felt as the scriptures were discussed. I did not need God! However, as we read about Saul’s salvation experience while on the road to Damascus or Jonah fleeing to avoid God’s command to go to Nineveh, we see that the Lord uses events to bring about his will. At 16 years of age the Lord used life “events” to again call me and like Paul, I responded “Who are you Lord?”. I knew further running was futile… God was too big to resist.

Judy and I met in August of 1964 and dated until we were married two weeks after her High School graduation in June of 1968. My wife was now my college roommate! She accelerated, completing a four year degree program in three years which allowed her to do her Student Teaching program in the same city area as my first job assignment. We joined a small start-up Church in Mountain Top Pa and quickly were immersed in Church Ministry. Quite soon, I was the Adult Sunday School Teacher and as experience was gained, the title sticks… “You’re the Adult Teacher”. For 35 years my primary ministry was teaching adults how God revealed the Savior to come in Genesis to the Judge’s return in Revelation.

Interesting events in the lives of Bill and Judy:

College Roommates.

Designed and General Contracted the building of our home of 37 years.

Have four Sons.

After retiring, purchased a Sail Boat and left USA!

Preached for two months at Beach Church, Georgetown, Bahamas.

Sailed the Caribbean for four years, nearly reaching South America.

RV’d around the USA three times. Visited the Alamo on our first and Fiftieth Anniversary!

Looking forward to two, two, two in 2022!

In His Good Grip,
Pastor Mike