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Faith Baptist of Zephyrhills

Thu, Dec 2, 2021

Hi Church!

There are a lot of important and wonderful things to take note of, so here is a rare Thursday (in place of the Wednesday) Email.


Glen Davis was at Church last night for a few minutes. It was great to see he is feeling better and getting around better. Continue to pray for his broken ribs to heal.
Matt Wright needs our prayers. Matt has been undergoing treatment for cancer and was recently diagnosed with covid. With a weakened immune system, he is at a higher risk.
Pray for the 3 individuals who are getting baptized this Sunday.
Our Greater Vision Theme this Sunday.


A Great Meeting with Cassandra Dorsaint, with One More Child.
God continues to GROW our fellowship with new relationships and friendships.
Around $12,000 has been committed to our Solar Panel Project!
Nearly 90 people are signed up for our Christmas Dinner on Sunday! The tables and chairs are already set up and it is going to be a very fine meal!
Our Church Float is WELL ON ITS WAY TO BEING COMPLETED! We plan to finish it tonight. If you can help, Join us at 6:30 pm. And our position in the parade is 1710! We are one of the first floats! Yes! Thank you so much for all the candy donations!
As things continue to get back to normalcy, we have scheduled One Blood, Health-Line Screenings, The Garms Family, and several other Public Events/Services.

Very Grateful.

In His Good Grip,
Pastor Mike