How…Who…Why… IT IS A BIG DEAL!

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How…Who…Why… IT IS A BIG DEAL!

Faith Baptist of Zephyrhills

Fri, Nov 26, 2021

Hi Church!

Happy “Black Friday”! Have you done any shopping? Most have! Historically, today has been the biggest shopping day of the year. As you know, stores seek to cash-in on the spirit of Christmas and move their books from the “red” into the “black”. There really are some real savings to be found. It is a big day of deals if you do some research.

This year I was searching for a few specific items. One of the items that I was looking for was some new dewalt power tool batteries and a new hammer drill. Unfortunately, someone stole some of my batteries earlier this year, and my hammer drill is about worn out! I found a great deal on both! And where else but at Lowes! That makes me happy!

Let me remind you about another even greater “deal”!

For the first time in my six year at Faith, I have launched a giving campaign. This is for solar panels. Why? Why would I step out and do this? Because I firmly believe it is a very wise thing to do. It is a money saving and ministry expanding opportunity here in Florida! It will save us around $250,000 in energy costs over the next 25 years which can be invested into the ministry!

People who are familiar with our ministry often wonder how we continue to update and expand our aged facility. Those of you who are new, you need to know HOW FAR WE HAVE COME! You need to hear and understand the work that has been done:

Like, how did we purchase new ceiling mounted projectors, a powered screen, pc’s, a new sound board and portable sound system?
How did we buy new flooring for the stage, offices, nursery, youth room, lobby and fellowship hall?
How did we insulate the entire auditorium, children’s wing, ceiling and install new drywall in those areas?
How did we install a new metal roof?
How did we make-over our baptismal tub and make it heated?
How did we make a beautiful fenced-in playground?
How did we replace 64 windows throughout the building with the highest energy ratings?
How did we expand the parking lot with concrete and pour a new concrete basketball court?
How did we install two new beautiful bathrooms?
How did we replace the 1978 ovens and old refrigerator in the kitchen?
How did we paint the entire exterior and interior of the building?
How did we purchase two new large ac units?

Wow!!! Did I remember everything? Probably not! BUT SERIOUSLY, HOW DID WE DO ALL OF THAT? The cost of the materials for those projects alone is over $200,000. The labor would be that much, or more. Humanly, it would be impossible. But God & us. Yes, God’s working through us! That is how things that had not been done in 40 years were completed. Arond $400,000 of renovation and installation have been done. It is a miracle. Our faith, blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices have made it happen. But we are not done.

Now it is time for us to give as a church family. You see, I know where nearly all of the funds for those projects have come from, and it was from BIG donations from a FEW individuals and other sources that I received and/or requested help from. And then we have did nearly all of the labor. Now it is time for each of us to “show-up” and “give-up” and “go-up”. Right now, I am challenging and seeking to grow your Faith by making an investment in the future ministry here at Faith. No matter the size of the donation, if it is a sacrifice, it is a BIG gift. And God uses and blesses every gift.

So please pray and ask God to show you what He wants you to give towards this Faith project. Together we can do this! Let’s show our community that we have a BIG God!

In His Good Grip,
Pastor Mike