Rich, Middle, & Poor Class…5, 2, 1, What Matters Most…

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Rich, Middle, & Poor Class…5, 2, 1, What Matters Most…

Faith Baptist of Zephyrhills

Oct. 20th, 2021

Hi Church!

The rich are getting richer. According to the federal reserve, the 1% wealthiest Americans now have more wealth than the entire middle class. The middle 60% of American earners, which economists typically categorize as the middle class,now own only 26.6% of the national wealth. Meanwhile the top 1% control 27% of the nation’s collective wealth. This is the first time the richest Americans have had more wealth than the middle class since the Fed began recording such data in 1989. Along the same lines, the wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all US stocks. The question is “WHY” is this happening and what is the solution to a healthier distribution of wealth? Jesus addressed this issue thousands of years ago…

Long before there was an America, Jesus told a story about three individuals that represented three distinct classes of wealth: rich, middle and poor. It is found in Matthew 25:14-30 and it is called the parable of the talents. Like all of Jesus’ parables, this story contains simple yet life changing truth.

In preparation for the message, I encourage you to read over the story. Read it many times. Read it slowly, inquisitively, and prayerfully. Ask God what does this story mean? Who is the Lord in the story? Who are the servants? What is a “talent”? What is God teaching me? Why is it that those who start with more – may earn even more? And why would the one with the least amount “bury” it? And does the ending surprise you? Why is the “rich” steward given the “poor” stewards money? It is an intriguing story that is filled with TRUTH FOR TODAY, October 20,2021.

I also encourage you to pray for each other. We have some people in our church going through some unspoken but really difficult things. There is a list of requests attached to this email.

Just a short update on my injury/wound to my chest, it is healing up very well! Thankfully, I did not get an infection. My lymph nodes have closed up. My next appointment is later this morning, and I expect they will remove my staples then. But please pray for my patience with the healing process…I know it is going to take longer than I want it to… thank you!

In His Gracious Grip,
Pastor Mike

Wednesday Prayer Bulletin, 10-20-21