Personal Prayer Update

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Personal Prayer Update

Faith Baptist of Zephyrhills

Oct 7th, 2021

Hi Praying Church!

Wow! I want to share a personal update. The past 36 hours have been a whirlwind for me. Early Tuesday evening I was doing a small repair on a house for friends. The long story short: I “cleaning up” some concrete that I had repaired on the side of their house. Just a week ago I had been given a 10″ fiber blade that someone no longer needed. I didn’t realize the blade had become defected.

As I was finishing up, the blade literally blew up on my unguarded grinder and two pieces sliced me. One just caught the right side of my face taking a layer of skin or two. The second sliced my pectoral muscle above and below my collar bone. The cut was 4-5 inches wide and very deep, nearly to my chest cavity.

Madison Tillack was home at the time and she heard my “cry” for help and she called 911. I was rushed by ambulance to the trauma unit at Lakeland Regional Hospital where I was treated amazingly. The surgeon on call cleaned my wound, sewed me back up and told Jennifer that the blade just barely missed my subclavian artery. Had I hit that, I would have likely bled to death. It was a close call! I can not tell you how thankful I am to be alive!

Today I am home, and I feel pretty normal. Truthfully, I have little pain and my only restrictions are no heavy lifting for a week or two. I have a small drain inserted to drain my lymph nodes that were cut. But again, I have no other physical issues and I feel great. I can only thank God for his grace, for the young lady who called 911, the pasco fire and rescue team who treated me with excellence, one of the best surgeons around and incredible nurses who took great care of me for 24 hours. I am SOOOOOO BLESSED. I know God was, is and will always be with me and you. Through the good and the bad, He is faithful. I hope you know that today.

So Thankful,
Pastor Mike