An Abuser… A Widow Warrior…A Bad Judge…a Cry for Justice…

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An Abuser… A Widow Warrior…A Bad Judge…a Cry for Justice…

Faith Baptist of Zephyrhills

Oct 7th, 2021

Hey Church!

The cry for justice in America has never been louder. This week gymnasts are testifying before congress about FBI agents who turned a blind eye to their accusations against Larry Nasser. Last week many people felt their voices were finally heard when R. Kelly was found guity on all accounts after decades of accusations of sexual abuse and sex trafficing. We all remember seeing the abuse that Geroge Floyd suffered that led to his death. Even my family experienced a sense of justice being served this past week when my son was financially compensated for guns and other things stolen from his apartment in TN while he was at work. It took nearly 3 years for the case against the accused to be settled, but justice was served.

Is there something that you would like some justice for? I am guessing you might. Most of us have been wronged in this broken world and some very deeply. So the question is: “will justice be served?”

This week in our series of stories that Jesus told, we look at a story that he told about a poor widow, an abuser, a godless judge and what it all means in our cry for justice. This is another captivating story that Jesus told that sheds incredible light on a subject that is making daily headlines in our country! Be sure to join us on Sunday at 9:30 am as we learn about “The Cry for Justice”.

I will be sending out an updated prayer list separately.

By Faith,
Pastor Mike