We all Want “Fair Pay for Fair Work”… I Love Payday’s!

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We all Want “Fair Pay for Fair Work”… I Love Payday’s!

Faith Baptist of Zephyrhills

Sept. 22, 2021

Hi Church!

Are you happy with your wages? Do you believe that you receive a “fair wage for fair work”? Were you, or are you ever tempted to complain about what you get paid? Do you ever feel “cheated”? Or, do you ever become envious of what others receive? How about when those big “bonuses” roll out?

This is a “hot” topic right now in the U.S.A. where many wages are on the rise (as is inflation, lol). Large chain stores and businesses like Walmart, Target, and Amazon are increasing the pay of hourly workers. Even this past week Rural King handed out big raises across the board to their employees, which made some people I know really happy! At the same time, those working in the child-care field are not so happy, as I know. It is one of the sectors in our economy that is losing workers faster than anyone due to low wages, and it has reached a major crisis. At this pace, thousands of chid-care businesses will be closing their doors due to a lack of workers. After Peter raised the question, Jesus had something to say about getting paid fairly.

After an encounter with a rich young man, the apostle Peter could not help but ask what was on his mind. He had given up a family fishing business to follow Jesus, and so he asked him, “what shall we receive” (Matthew 19:27)? In layman’s terms he wants to know “what are we going to get paid for our service”? You can’t blame Peter. He is human. And even if we don’t say it, we all may think “what can I expect to receive for doing this”? The answer Jesus gives must have caused some mouths to drop and a few gasps! Jesus promised Peter a seat on a throne, a 100 x return on every dollar and second invested and eternal life to boot! Wow! There is not a company, business or government that can offer those kinds of positions or pay outs! Not even close! But Jesus did not stop there because he knew that you and I would think or ask the same question.

So Jesus goes on to tell a story, a parable that teaches vital truth about what you and I can expect to receive from God for our work. This is a very insightful and significant message in our new series of messages “The Stories that Jesus Told”. I will let you in on a “secret”, God is A GIVER AND VERY GENEROUS! I hope that you can join us on Sunday at 9:30 am as we learn and grow together.

I will be sending out an updated prayer bulletin in a separate email. Let me remind you that you can read any of these short messages and introductions by clicking on or copying and pasting the following link: https://fbczephyrhills.org/blog/

By the way, do you like Payday’s, that candy bar that is loaded with peanuts and caramel? I sure do! Typing that makes me have a craving for one right now! But ultimately, I can not imagine what it will be like when God hands out those rewards on payday! “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” I Cor. 15:58

Hungry for the Payday,
Pastor Mike

Wednesday Prayer Bulletin, 09-22-21